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Our institute's 4 papers was selected as best papers 2019 of RSC: Environ. Sci.: Nano

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  1. Meicheng Wen, Guiying Li, Hongli Liu, Jiangyao Chen, Taicheng An*,Hiromi Yamashita*. Metal-organic frameworks-based nanomaterials for adsorptionand photocatalytic degradation of gaseous pollutants: recent progress and challenges. Environ. Sci.:Nano 2019,6(4): 1006-1025. Highly Cited Paper)


  2. Peng Wei, Dandan Qin, Jiangyao Chen*, Yanxu Li, Meicheng Wen, Yuemeng Ji*, Guiying Li, Taicheng An. Photocatalytic ozonation mechanism of gaseous n-hexane on MOx–TiO2–foamnickel composite (M = Cu, Mn, Ag): unveiling the role of ˙OH and ˙O2.Environ. Sci.: Nano 2019,6(3): 959-969. Highly Cited Paper 


  3. Lei Wang, Pengxia Jin, ShuhuaDuan, Jingwei Huang, Houde She, Qizhao Wang*,Taicheng An*. AcceleratedFenton-like kinetics by visible-light-driven catalysis over iron(iii) porphyrinfunctionalized zirconium MOF: effective promotion on the degradation of organiccontaminants. Environ. Sci.: Nano 2019,6(8): 2652-2661.


  4. Fengliang Wang, Yingfei Wang, Yuliang Wu,Dandan Wei, Lei Li, Qianxin Zhang, Haijin Liu, Yang Liu, Wenying Lv, GuoguangLiu*. Template-free synthesis of oxygen-containing ultrathin porous carbonquantum dots/g-C3N4 with superior photocatalytic activity for PPCPsremediation. Environ. Sci.: Nano 2019,6(8):2565-2576. 



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