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Master student Xin Ding et al. published a paper in Nanoscale

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Xin Ding#, Hongli Liu#, Jiangyao Chen, Meicheng Wen, Guiying Li, Taicheng An*, Huijun Zhao*. In situ growth of well-aligned Ni-MOF nanosheets on nickel foam for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of typical volatile organic compounds. Nanoscale 2020, 12(17):9462–9470.




Exploitation of highly efficient catalysts for photocatalytic degradation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) under visible light irradiation is highly desirable yet challenging. Herein, well-aligned 2D Ni-MOF nanosheet arrays vertically grown on porous nickel foam (Ni-MOF/NF) without lateral stacking was successfully prepared via a facile in-suit solvothermal strategy. In this process, Ni foam could serve as both skeletons to vertically support the Ni-MOF nanosheets and self-sacrificial templates to afford Ni ions for MOF growth. The Ni-MOF/NF nanosheet arrays with highly exposed active sites and light harvesting centres as well as fast mass and e‒ transport channels exhibited excellent photocatalytic oxidation activity and mineralization efficiency to typical VOCs emitted form paint spray industry, which was almost impossible for its three-dimensional (3D) bulk Ni-MOF counterparts. A mineralization efficiency of 86.6% could be achieved at 98.1% of ethyl acetate removal. The related degradation mechanism and possible reaction pathways were also attempted based on the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and online Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (PTR-ToF-MS) results.


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